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Svel’T | Fat-burning plant-based shots

Svel’T is a slimming dietary supplement with green coffee and kola nut with fat-burning and antioxidant properties. Svel’T contributes to reducing fat and blood sugar level. Usage :Drink one shot of Svel’T every morning, pure or diluted in water for 15 days. Main actives :-Svetol® : extrait végétal de café vert décaféiné, riche en actifs….

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Instant Slim | Slimming dietary supplement

Instant Slim is a slimming dietary supplement with plant extracts, peach and mango flavored. Instant Slim contributes to an improved elimination process. Usage :Dilute 15 ml of Instant Slim (1 measuring cap) in a glass of water twice a day for 2 weeks. Repeat if necessary. Shake well before use. Main actives :-Fennel : very…

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Café Ligne | Instant slimming drink with coffee and chicory

Café Ligne is a slimming instant coffee and chicory drink. Café Ligne acts on sugar metabolism: it prevents it from transforming into fat, while reducing insulin secretion. Meanwhile, Café Ligne also helps regulate mood swings and appetite in order to avoid cravings and snacking. -100% natural-Caffeine, cafestol and kahweol free-For men and women-Pleasant taste-Visible results…

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SLIM STICK | Slimming dietary supplement

SLIM STICK is a slimming plants, vitamins and minerals-packed dietary supplement with draining and antioxidant actions. SLIM STICK is ideal for those suffering from water retention. -Conservatives-free-100% of vitamins preserved-Red berries flavor Usage :For 15 days, consume 1 stick diluted in 250 ml water with breakfast. Main actives :-Cactinea™ : prickly pear extract. This fruit…

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Booster Slim | Artichoke slimming dietary supplement

Booster Slim is a 100% natural dietary supplement that burns fat, promotes elimination and improves digestion. Booster Slim is highly concentrated in Laon artichoke in ready-to-drink shots. Indeed, for centuries, Laon artichoke has been used for its numerous health benefits. Acting on no less than 7 fronts in the organism, artichoke regulates transit, cleanses the…

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Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid shots | Anti-ageing dietary supplements

Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid shots are dietary supplements aiming to fight signs of ageing, from within. Indeed, wrinkles form because of a diminution in collagen and hyaluronic acid levels – responsible for skin elasticity and hydration – in the organism over time. Henceforth, the skin needs to replenish in those elements from external sources….

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