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Melashot | Melatonin-based dietary supplement

Melashot is a melatonin-based dietary supplement that helps falling asleep faster and alleviates the effects of jet-lag. Melatonin does not increase sleep time but rather improves its quality.-For men and women-Apple flavor Usage :Take 1 phial in the evening before going to sleep with a glass of water. To alleviate the effects of jet-lag, take…

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Sleep and relaxation| Phytotherapy phials

Orescience’s sleep and relaxation phials are a plant-based dietary supplement. Those phytotherapy phials fight sleep disorders, restlessness, and nervous fatigue. -100% natural, plant-based-Alcohol-free Usage :Drink one phial daily, preferably in the evening. Main actives :-Hawthorn: highly antioxidant, hawthorn berries are traditionally used to fight sleep disorders and restlessness-Passionflower: fights stress and anxiety as well as…

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Blueberry Elixir | Visual acuity dietary supplement

Blueberry Elixir is a dietary supplement that helps fight eye infections and improves visual acuity. -Ready to consume-For men and women Usage :Drink 15 ml per day, diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice. Shake well before use. Main actives :-Blueberry : blueberry is traditionally used to alleviate venous insufficiencies and revive tired…

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Love Maxx | Maca-based sexual stimulant

Love Maxx is an invigorating dietary supplement that stimulates desire. -100% natural-For men and women-Orange flavor Usage :Shake well before use. Drink one shot daily, preferably in the morning or right before sexual intercourse. Main actives:-Maca : has a great balancing action on the nervous system, fights stress and is a powerful aphrodisiac-Ginseng : potent…

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