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GO FOR SLIM | Dietary supplement and slimming program

GO FOR SLIM is a comprehensive slimming program allowing you lose up to 4 kg and 3,1 In stomach circumference in 8 days without hunger, fatigue, stress nor deficiencies.

GO FOR SLIM program contains:
-a slimming guide
-1 x 200 ml draining oral solution
-8 day slimming pills
-8 night slimming pills

Usage :
During 8 days, follow the lifestyle guidelines and the meal plan outlined in the slimming guide. Every day, take one day pill with breakfast and one night pill with dinner. Every morning, drink 20 ml of the oral solution diluted in water. Consumer GO FOR SLIM soup every day.

Main actives :
-Onion, tomato, green cabbage, red pepper and celery: promote elimination
-Meadowsweet: draining properties
-Guarana, mate and vitamin C: stimulate vitality
-Fructo-oligosaccharides: prebiotics helping to regulate transit
-Green tea: detoxifying action
-Linden, magnesium and vitamin B6: relaxing action
-Fennel and verbena: ease digestion

Effectiveness tests:
-100% of volunteers would recommend the program
-95 of volunteers saw a reduction in waist circumference of up to 3,1 cm
-95% of volunteers observed an appetite-suppressant effect

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